Our Collection

French Painted Furniture
Welcome to our collection of French style painted furniture. We are pleased to bring you several ranges, each with their own unique style.. Our French painted furniture are all individuals’ pieces of exquisite design that would compliment any traditional room. When you purchase a piece of painted furniture you are sure to create style that will transform your home with a timeless look and feel. Recently this type of furniture has become popular because it brings a light and airy look and adds a taste of French style to an interior. There is variety of different finishes and many traditional features, including hand carved details and individual hand finishing. Many of our French painted furniture are given a seven step colour and ageing process to create the classic look and feel of antique painted furniture
Copenhagen Collection
The Copenhagen collection is created from mango wood with rich medium finish that's sealed for practicality. The Copenhagen collection products are designed to balance quality and design with the practicality that home would demand. This collection is perfectly designed with a variety of options, it will work perfectly whatever the space or room design
Mumbai Collection
Mumbai furniture promotes an intimate and welcoming atmosphere with its rich warm tones.The wide range of this collection means there is something to suit all  modern and traditional settings. Our range includes sheesham, mango, acacia, and furniture made using wood from sustainable sources. Whether you are looking for a single piece or a complete set of living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, we have a great selection of dark wood furniture to suit all tastes and budgets.
Scandinavian Collection
This whole collection is made from Acacia wood sourced from managed environmentally friendly timber sources and assembled in accordance with old time traditions. Each individual piece of furniture features a unique grain and therefore has its own distinctive characteristics that give it a special authentic atmosphere & appearance. Classic, Scandinavian traditions of design match perfectly with the look of the light and natural acacia whilst the darker colours signal an elegant.  The whole collection of Scandinavian range has a simple, beautiful and timeless design. Being handmade, each piece has a unique appearance appealing to the individual. All of this acacia furniture has been crafted with daily pleasure and practical use in mind which has been made for years of use in many different homes.
Lasa II Collectio
The about few pieces of shisham furniture are from our LASA II Collection which is made by using ‘A’ grade plantation shisham wood from Bihar. Shisham is a dense hardwood, with high natural oil content, naturally repelling moisture. No other wood shares shisham exceptional strength and durability. All products are classified in coherent ranges, which are based on the principle of complementarity of function and style.This implies a range of furniture intended to be simple but powerful, pure in function and spirit, but attractive to the senses.
Mango Collection 
This range of furniture is made out of mango wood(fruit wood).This collection uses non-endangered mango wood that has a sustainable forest policy with a new tree planted for every one felled .It is hand finished  so each piece may vary lightly in appearance. Mango wood furniture from laxmi internatinal is finished with water based varnishes and stains. Unlike oil-based finishes, this reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds in the indoor air. That contributes to a better environment in your home.The finish enhances the natural beauty of the furniture. The character of the wood is not masked, allowing the wood's grain, variations in color, and natural voids to show.
Sheesham Collection 
Our Sheesham Range is constructed of beautiful solid sheesham hard wood with a wax polish finish and metal settings. The wood is chemically treated in accordance with international standard using pressurized chemical chambers with chlorophyrophose for termite / bug resistance & then dried up in seasoning kilns to a moisture level below seven (7) percent . Sheesham wood is described as golden brown to deep brown in colour, with darker streaks that give the wood an attractive appearence. The wood is hard with a uniform and medium course texture. It has a good natural resistance to decay and is considered to be a popular carving and engraving wood in India.We have sheehsam wood furniture for Living, Dining and Bed room like  Glass Dining Sets/Coffee Tables, Dining Tables/chairs etc.
Cubo Collection 
Each piece in the Cubo Collection has been beautifully designed using the best quality of Acacia wood available on the outskirts of Jaipur. As the range is handcrafted each piece is unique in shade and texture which is inspired by bold contemporary lines & warm grains. The range has many marvelously designed pieces such as dining sets, coffee tables and shelving units all are available in the Cubo Collection to give a modern & contemporary touch to your home.
Estilo Collection
Estilo collection is made using sheesham wood which is fast growing hardwood,so you can be safe in the knowledge that this functional furniture can deal with the stresses and strain of everyday and still look fantastic! Please appreciate it,as each item is hand made,it is natural that there will be slight variations in grain and colour fom piece to piece,which is part of uniqueness & charm.The clean elegant shapes,rich colour are distinctly different to other indian furniture ranges.The natural luste of the wood is highlighted by the stone rubbed finish. 
Moda Collection
Our Moda collection is designed with loft living in mind.It is an exclusive range of sheesham furniture in a modern style with contemporary features.The colour,elegnt shapes,rich colour,beautiful deep grains are some of the dinstinctive features of Moda range
Jali Collection
The Jali Capsule range of Indian furniture has been carefully selected and hand made by skilled craftsman from India with skills acquired over generations. This range includes the distinctive hand-forged jail iron work. The style of Thakat and jail furniture has been influenced by the times of maharaja and is made in quality sheesham wood. The rich golden brown grain of the sheesham with its characteristic darker streaks, are enhanced by hand waxing. The overall effect is of a lighter, more natural feel and finish than other ranges of its type, which gives all pieces of furniture a look of quality and beauty. The thakat style gives a truly warm look to any home with its traditional clean lines to create a stylish look. There are many items to choose from including coffee tables, bookshelf’s, dining room furniture and various occasional items.
Traditional Collection
Our range of ethnic furniture is a connoisseur's delight. It includes a variety of racks, dressing table cum almirah and countless other products. Furniture that was once exclusive to the royal palaces today adorns the drawing rooms of the houses belonging to common man, thanks to the exquisite workmanship of our craftsmen. Interior decoration with these pieces is bound to offer elegance. The choices range from vibrant colors to soft hues, from simple styles to the most intricate artwork; from your living room to your kitchen.... they fill your house with taste and elegance. The process of making furniture involves skilled hand work and art work in tune ensures long lasting life with formidable strength & durability. It is a perfect suit for those who seek all beautiful artistic & traditional things in their life.
Doka Collection
We have a beautiful selection of original French painted furniture. Some items have their original paint finishes and we are also happy to paint to specific requirements. Hand painting is done to each piece of furniture to achieve elegant hand painted antique furniture look. Our Dhoka collection incorporates custom design and style, and can be delivered within a short time frame. Each piece is crafted using hand held tools from solid wood procured from well managed forests. This range includes hand painted French tables, dressing tables, bedside tables, French sideboard antique, antique hand painted console table, French side end table etc.
Patti Collection
Each piece in this collection given a ageing process to create the classic look and feel of distressed and antique furniture. Due to the finishing process each unit is giving unique touch to Laxmi's Patti Collection that is both beautiful and practical for today's living.
This collection has been created by one of our brazilian designer. This collection is made in Sheesham wood with Natural effects. Bringing NATURE to your homes in modern style.