History of Indian Furniture

India has a very long woodcraft history with its prime time during Vijayanagar Empire southern India(1336AD). Wood craftsmen then were highly respected by the royalty because woodcraft was considered an art and a trade. Woodcrafts can be found everywhere in India, on wooden doors, posts, walls, in remote villages, in cities, in modern buildings, in temples, and one will be impressed by the wide variety of styles of this craftwork.
Woodwork carries several important implications in India. Being heavily influenced by art and literature, ebony wood was the symbol in the south, particularly among the royalties, whereas walnut was the symbol in the north. With woodcraft, legends and folklores are kept for many years. It is this element of continuity which ancient art and culture are preserved.
It is well-known that Indian craftsmen can turn wood into many other amazing wooden inventions in the world. They use wood locally found and change it into decorative objects such as cabinets, screens, tables, candleholders, boxes, trays and even toys or in a different scale houses and rooftops. The wide variety of wood sources such as sesham wood, Indian rosewood, teakwood, sandalwood and coconut tree also encourages the wide range of wooden creations in the region. With sandalwood in particular, it is considered by most Indians to be a gift from God because of its fragrance which lasts for years. 
Contrast to the present rapid developments in information and technology, Indian wooden furniture still maintains its traditional way of using simple tools and processes in its production. Because of this, there is still much ethnic flavour to be found in the furniture. And also due to the way the furniture is made, Indian wooden furniture is the symbol of durability and elegance.
The availability of raw material and regional variations have long influenced furniture making in India. Wooden furniture has always been known for its durability, elegance and design, which lends an aristocratic look to a particular room, be it an office or a home. The reason why Indian furniture has been regarded as prized possession is its ethnic flavour.
In some parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat colourful painting of furniture is quite common. Traditional designs and motifs are painted in colours, which are again traditional. The items that are generally available in this range are small chairs and tables, bajots and chowkis, stools with string seats, boxes, cabinets, mirror/picture frames, doors and windows.
In Rajasthan, the furniture that comes from Shekhawati holds its unique importance in the market. This furniture is made from local timbers like sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo), mango (Mangifera indica), and babool or kikar (Acacia nilotica).
You will also find several pieces of Indian furniture that have been transformed into something else. As an example, window grills and doors have now been turned into coffee tables and cupboards.Although India is known for many fine things, it stands at the top of the list when it comes to furniture. Remember, domestic furniture as it is known in Europe today was not traditional in India prior to the 16th century. It was soon discovered that while the Indians were not good or accurate at copying, they were highly skilled.
We specialise in the following range of furniture and iron items:
Lasa III
The about few pieces of shisham furniture are from our LASA III Collection which is made by using ‘A’ grade plantation shisham wood from Bihar. Shisham is a dense hardwood, with high natural oil content, naturally repelling moisture. No other wood shares shisham exceptional strength and durability. All products are classified in coherent ranges, which are based on the principle of complementarity of function and style.This implies a range of furniture intended to be simple but powerful, pure in function and spirit, but attractive to the senses.
The Copenhagen collection is created from mango wood with rich medium finish that's sealed for practicality. The Copenhagen collection products are designed to balance quality and design with the practicality that home would demand. This collection is perfectly designed with a variety of options, it will work perfectly whatever the space or room design.
Here are few pieces from our Scandinavian Range, the combination of modern & old lines. This whole collection is made from Acacia wood sourced from managed environmentally friendly timber sources and assembled in accordance with old time traditions. Each individual piece of furniture features a unique grain and therefore has its own distinctive characteristics that give it a special authentic atmosphere & appearance. Classic, Scandinavian traditions of design match perfectly with the look of the light and natural acacia whilst the darker colours signal an elegant. The whole collection of Scandinavian range has a simple, beautiful and timeless design. Being handmade, each piece has a unique appearance appealing to the individual. All of this acacia furniture has been crafted with daily pleasure and practical use in mind which has been made for years of use in many different homes.
Each piece in the Cubo Collection has been beautifully designed using the best quality of Acacia wood available on the outskirts of Jaipur. As the range is handcrafted each piece is unique in shade and texture which is inspired by bold contemporary lines & warm grains. The range has many marvelously designed pieces such as dining sets, coffee tables and shelving units all are available in the Cubo Collection to give a modern & contemporary touch to your home.
The range of painted furniture from Laxmi brings back the olden French times of country living. The expert craftsmanship involved in painting solid mango wood ensures that each piece is unique and colorful, bursting with character and full of life. In its carefully crafted details, the collection of painted furniture takes you back to a different way of life where your house becomes a family home with furniture that transcends generations. Crafted from solid mango wood then distressed, this Collection strives for authenticity and doesn't just show a facade but is genuine in both appearance and construction. Each item of furniture in this range is made mainly from carefully selected solid mango wood with the combination of new wood called 'MDF'.
Each piece in this collection given a ageing process to create the classic look and feel of distressed and antique furniture. Due to the finishing process each unit is giving unique touch to Laxmi's Patti Collection that is both beautiful and practical for today's living.
We are proud presenting our Exclusive range of Chandelier's from India for sophisticated interiors. Our handmade Chandelier's products are manufactured using the best quality material's of crystals, wood, wrought iron, & brass , and are designed by our well experienced master artisans. We also offer a wide range selection of painted Chandelier's which are specially care take-up for breath takings effects related to finishing, which are achieved through complex layer gilding, made from the finest wood and wrought iron. All Chandelier's are carefully manufactured and checked up at each and every stage upto the final by our well experienced and qualified persons to present not only high esthetic value to our client abroad , but also to provide the best and highest quality standard products with attractive looking’s too. All the electric fittings used in these chandeliers comply with legislation of every country in which we supply. Explore our Chandelier Collections, which have a unique and antique rich finish for your halls, bedrooms, entry ways, Lobby's , dining rooms and libraries, our Chandelier's shall surely give your sweet homes pleasant and romantic look which will surely touch your heart with the lovely lights surrounded over them.